1. Shops and kiosks rate

2. Approved open market levy

3. Licensing fee for sale of liquor 

4. Slaughter slab license fee in abattoirs under local government

5. Marriage, Birth and Death registration fees

6. Street naming registration

7. Motor Park Levy, (including motor cycles and tricycle)

8. Parking fee on local government street or roads as may be approved by the state government

9. Domestic animal license fee (excluding poultry farmer)

10. License fees for bicycle, trucks, canoes, wheel barrow and cart ( other than a mechanically propelled truck)

11. Radio and television license fee (excluding radio and television in motor vehicles, transmitters and other communication equipment)

12. Public convenience, sewage and refuse disposal fees

13. Cemetery and burial ground permits fees

14. Permit fee for private entertainment and merriment in public places (excluding roads and street)

15. Wharf landing fees (where applicable)

16. Market taxes and levies excluding any market where state finance is involved 

17. Religious places establishment permit fees

18. Wrong parking charges

19. Right of occupancy fees on lands in rural areas, excluding those collectible by federal and state government.

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