1. Personal Income tax in respect of:
    1. PAY-AS-YOU- EARN (PAYE) and
    2. Direct taxation (Self Assessment)
  2. Witholding Tax (individuals only)
  3. Capital Gains Tax(individuals only)
  4. Stamps duties on instrument executed by individuals
  5. Pools betting and lotteries, gaming and casino taxes
  6. Road Taxes
  7. Bussiness Premises Registration fees in respect of urban and rural areas which includes registrastion fees and per annum renewals as fixed by the state.
  8. Land use charge
  9. Consumption Tax (Hotel, Resturant and Event centres)
  10. Mining, Milling , Quarring and Sand Excavation Fees ( if applicable)
  11. Animal Trade Tax
  12. Slaughter or Abattoir fees, where State finances
  13. Development Levy (individuals only)
  14. Naming of Street Registration fees in the State Capital
  15. Right of Occupancy fees on lands owned by the State Government
  16. Market Taxes and levies where State finance involved
  17. Infrastructural Development Fund levies
  18. Signages and Mobile Advertisement, jointly collected by State and Local  Government ( to be adminstered by the state)
  19. Sanitation/Environment fees
  20. Masts, Towers, cables, and pipes fees.

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